Holiday Gift Guides 2020 | The Guide for the Monsieur

Is it just me, or are men the hardest to shop for? Maybe it’s because they often just buy what they want when they want it, but every year I always find it to be an exciting creative challenge to find the perfect gifts for Ryan. Of course, if the man you’re shopping for is a Francophile or a homebody then you may have already found exactly what you’re looking for, but if not, I invite you to turn on a playlist, light a holiday candle inspired by a moonlit forest, and scroll onward for the gift guide for him.

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Gift Guide for Him | Luxury Gift Guide 2020 for the Gentleman | Molly Carr Photography

1. Celestial Globe | 2. Ivy League Book | 3. Suede Vest | 4. Leica Camera | 5. Telescope | 6. Sunglasses | 7. Briefcase | 8. Candle | 9. Burberry Cufflinks | 10. Watch Box | 11. Libraries Book | 12. Barbour Jacket | 13. Ferragamo Loafers | 14. Espresso Maker | 15. Gucci Pocket Square | 16. Skin Cream | 17. Leather Headphones | 18. Sweater | 19. Shaving Cream | 20. Gloves | 21. Scarf

You can never go wrong with a few key wardrobe pieces, and this Barbour jacket and this quilted suede vest will have him ready for a day of country sporting with the British royals. Allow him to easily transition the look to an evening by the fire with these a pair of classic Ferragamo loafers. A cozy scarf designed by a forward-thinking Swedish fashion house and cashmere tech gloves will keep him warm all winter long. Finally, if you’re still not over the infamous ‘Ransom sweater’ from Knives Out, this beautiful cable-knit version comes in a close second.

If you’re shopping for a techie, the wireless leather headphones deliver top-quality acoustics while remaining utterly stylish. A Leica camera is a must for any art or travel aficionado. And, a beautiful espresso maker is the gift the keeps on giving for years to come.

For his stocking, this Gucci pocket square featuring their classic bee motif is a little luxury that won’t break the bank. A little pampering goes a long way, and this Aesop skin cream and Le Labo shaving cream offer beautiful packaging and high-quality ingredients. These Italian sunglasses are some of Ryan’s favorites and you can never go wrong with a pair of iconic Burberry cufflinks.

And, for the literary gentleman, this stunning celestial globe (handcrafted in London), a gorgeous coffee table book showcasing the world’s most beautiful libraries, and a brass and mahogany telescope would be the perfect finishing touch to his office filled with leather-bound books and antique club chairs.

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide for him! If you haven’t seen it yet, our Francophile Gift Guide, Guide for the Madame, and Home Gift Guide must not be missed.

Gift guide for him by Molly Carr


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