The Best Destination Wedding Locations | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer

If you have decided to have a destination wedding (I shared our reasons for making this choice here), congratulations! I know you might have a busy road ahead of you, but trust me when I say that all of the time and effort you put in to planning your destination wedding will be so very […]

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Paris Anniversary Photos | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer

Three years ago, when Kevin and Lelia were wed, Kevin promised in his vows that one day he would kiss her under the Eiffel Tower. This past week, as a Paris wedding film photographer, I had the immense honor of joining them in this momentous moment to watch as their long-awaited dream finally came true. […]

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Provence Sunrise | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer

Summer mornings in Provence are unlike any other. At 5:45 I would awake to the first light of the day beginning to stream in through our French doors, and would quietly get dressed, grab my camera, and head outside on foot to capture the beauty of the day. In those early hours of the morning, I felt […]

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How to Pick a Destination Wedding Location | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer

You’ve made the decision to have a destination wedding (see the reasons why I had a destination wedding here), you have researched your favorite destination wedding venues and locations (or if you haven’t you can see my guide here), now what? Choosing a destination wedding location can be an incredibly difficult decision as deciding to […]

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Magnolia Rouge Feature | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer

Throughout the process of planning our destination wedding, I turned to my favorite wedding blog, Magnolia Rouge, countless times for inspiration. So I’m especially excited to share today that our HammerSky Vineyards wedding was featured by none other than Magnolia Rouge themselves – see it here! I absolutely cannot wait to return to the beautiful […]

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Giverny, France | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer

It amazes me that I have spent months on end in Paris, and still, until this past trip, I had never visited Monet’s famed gardens in Giverny. It seemed like every time I wanted to go, something would always get in my way. Inclement weather, an accidental alarm-clock mishap and arriving to the station seconds […]

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Loumarin, France | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer

Nestled on the edge of the famed Luberon Valley, the ancient hill town of Loumarin is seemingly unchanged by time. We spent a few hours exploring its quiet, rambling alleyways lined with sun-bleached stone buildings covered with crawling ivy and roses. When it was time to give our feet a rest, we walked into the town […]

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Joy Wed Feature | Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Today I’m excited to share that our at-home newlywed session photographed by the talented Cory + Jackie has been featured on the beautiful Joy Wed. To see more photos and learn the story of how we found our dream home, check out the article. At home engagement photos are some of my absolute favorites. Not only […]

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Château de Chenonceau | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer

After a week in Provence we hopped into our tiny Renault and headed north to the Loire Valley. If the region’s bucolic countryside and quaint villages weren’t dreamy enough by themselves, it is absolutely overflowing with châteaus. After much deliberation, we decided to visit Château de Chenonceau – an absolutely exquisite estate which is known […]

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Poppies in Provence | Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographer

While lavender seems to always get the most attention in Provence, on this trip, it was the poppies that really made our hearts sing. Whether driving down tree-lined boulevards or through winding country roads, poppies dotted our paths as far as the eye could see – adding a bright pop of color to the otherwise sun-bleached […]

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